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Fire On The Altar Supernatural 2020 Gathering

The supernatural should be germane to every local church. Our belief is that anything wrought in Christ is destined to thrive and therefore needs to imitate Him. Therefore, supernatural is essential to making this a reality. Our current times have forced many in the faith to subject themselves to whatever is trending in the realm of men. I believe this is an attempt to make the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ some subculture experience only.

It’s our belief that embracing the nature of Christ and the works He ascribed to when He physically walked this planet is imperative to you and I being salt and light to our world. Equally important is we are also to become a viable and trust worthy source to transform our societies. In order to accomplish this, we need more that just intellectual astuteness and theological rhetoric.  We need to manifest the supernatural.

The term supernatural isn’t exclusive to Christianity. Moses, when confronting Pharaoh encountered two magicians who initially duplicated what he was doing. However, Moses God was bigger and greater than the entity served by the magicians of Pharaoh. This narrative is repeated throughout the scriptures in the lives of people chosen by God to represent Him.

Jesus who is the pattern for ministry and the firstborn son is the standard for His Church. He operated in the supernatural and lived totally dependent on God. As a result of this dependency, He demonstrated the power of God in an unprecedented way. Christ declared the works I do so shall you and greater works (See John 14:12). It’s very dangerous to think we could righteously represent God and demonstrate what’s mandated for us apart from operating in the supernatural. God is methodically realigning the Church with Him through Christ. This is leading to systematic works that transcend man’s wisdom and capacity.

One common denominator interwoven through the scriptures and within the life of Christ that served as a source for the supernatural is intercession. Christ as our High Priest is eternally committed to the work of intercession. It is therefore incumbent for us as His Church in the earth to partner with Him if we desire to see continuity of His ministry as it relates to the supernatural.

Are you willing to make the required adjustments to become a conduit of power?

Have you experienced personal limitations when it comes to impacting people who need the power of God?

Are you pursuing something greater in the area of demonstrating the power of God?

If yes to these questions then this intensive is designed for you. Make a commitment to yourself and register today. 


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    Tabernacle of Praise 
    3280 Leonardtown Road
    Waldorf, MD 20601